The Textbook Game STL
This location is permanently CLOSED.  
Please check back for updates on a potential new location in 2016.  As always, we will be operating our remote buyback location on Laclede Ave just down from the Grand Ave intersection during the end of the fall semester.  
You can still rent textbooks through our online partnership with Bookrenter.  Just go to www.textbookgame.bookrenterstore.com. Your rented textbooks will ship directly to you and then you can send them back after the term you select using the same packaging that it arrived in and a shipping label generated by Bookrenter.  Easy peasy!!


If you're looking to buy, sell or even rent your textbooks than you've hit the jackpot! The Textbook Game STL has been servicing local Saint Louis universities and colleges since 2005. We buy & sell books from any college, at any time!


We take great pride in offering our customers the capability of selling their books for more while still being able to buy and rent their books for less!


We have partnered with an online rental company to meet our customer’s demand for the option to rent their textbooks. Curious about the rental options and procedures? CLICK HERE for more information!